5 Reasons to start an art collection

5 Reasons to start an art collection

The art-world gatekeepers, claim that today is easier than ever for someone to start collecting art piecies. I will confirm that idea, while edding that this procedure can be really daunting for an art collector. The evolution of contemporary art, gave birth to new technological improvements, in order to serve it’s cause. So today, art lovers can have access to reliable tools, to make their pursuit simple and easy.

Why should you start collecting works of art?

Before I begin answering this question, I must make clear to you that:

Every one can become an art collector, no matter his occupation, financial status and age. All it takes, is the willingness to get to know and love the word of art.

So let’s see which are the reasons that will get you started on collecting artwork.


#1 Mind expanding

Dealing with art, requires constant study and updating. The more, one engages and reads, the more he exercises his mind and senses. Great art makes you think, see and feel. This improves your perception and makes you recognize images and objects in a completely different way. Through studying the history of art, you gain insights into different cultures, habits and customs from around the world. This training never stops, as long as the spark of interest is there.


 #2 Space aesthetics changes

Having an art piece in your space, enriches your everyday life and aesthetics. Pretty  “images” and attractive sculptures, always add a distinctive style and create a particular visual interest, showing off your aesthetic sensibilities.I have to tell you, that not every piece needs to be a masterpiece nor expensive. It just has to fill in your soul! Remember that:

The more visual contact you have with an art piece every day, the more you begin to recognize and understand it.

Artwork always has a special hypostasis in space and constitutes a visual and aesthetic challenge in it. You don’t have to ‘match’ it with the furniture or the colours of the surrounding. It is Not a decorative item! 


# 3 Expansion of social circle 

The art world is a very social world. Especially nowadays, with the abundance of events taking place in private galleries as well as in public places, a social art ‘network’ is being born rabidly.


#4 Artists support

Supporting an artist, especially at the beginning of his career, it’s a major enhancement of his work for two reasons. First of all, especially for emerging artists, financial support, is very important for their sustainability,while giving them the time needed, to add value to their work over time. But even for artists that have already been established in the art field, supporting their work, gives them even greater impetus to create in a higher level. Secondly, supporting creators, is the key factor for the development of art itself.


#5 A smart investment

As it’s well known, the value of an artwork usually increases over time. It is therefore very likely, that a collector will gradually become an investor. History has shown, that a collector makes a pretty penny if he has a good eye and feel for the market.

It’s far better, to buy a project not for its commercial value, but because you love it. Invest in the kind that you really like, without calculating whether its price will increase over time. Keep away from trends and styles and choose pieces that speak to your soul.

After all, every artwork has the power to influence the psychology of space itself. You just have to define its timelessness!

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