I am Christina Mavi (Mavropaidi), an architect and a visual artist.

In 2013, I created ADDMYVIEW (Art Defined Differently), because of my constant need to explore the boundaries and the “conversation” between architecture and art.

My work is influenced and stimulated by everyday life, through an anthropocentric and spatial observation. For me, what gives substance to the architectural site, is exclusively the people who inhabit it. Their actions, as well as the relationships they develop in it, are the field of my constant research.

Architecture, however, combines applied science and art, opening paths of unsurpassed creativity. Basically for me, they are an inseparable unity! I think there are no dividing lines between them. They are like communicating vessels that feed each other uninterruptedly. Their osmosis generates special and distinct ideas. Their relationship is very dynamic and this provides me with new data and increases my creativity.

As an artist, I try to attribute my personal sense of human’s “social moments” into site at all levels. Through the art of design, painting and photography, I have the opportunity to isolate these actions, to comment and to visualize them on another level. So I want my work, not to simply record the reality, but also the substance beyond the visible.

The peculiarity and complexity of this process, leads me to use geometry and symbols, but also a variety of materials, methodologies and techniques, always depending on my position in front of every project. This creates my personal narration and identity.

Through the action in each of my projects, I seek the reaction. I have the feeling that this process, leads me to new facts and ultimately to my personal next stage. In my opinion, every form of art, is in itself a challenge and stimulates me towards a personal breakthrough.



Group Exhibition  «In and Out Covid 19»

Member of the Group Constant Art, Archaelogical Museum, Thessaloniki_6/2020

Fabriano In Aquarello 2020

Member of the Greek group Fabriano 2020_5/2020

OnlineExhibition  «Resilience Project»


Group Exhibition  «Love @ First Sight»

Blank Wall Galery, Athens_2/2020

Group Exhibition  «We shape reality»

Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki_2/2020


Group Exhibition “Constant Art”

Member of the group  Constant Art _11/2019

Group Exhibition  «S-Θήσεις»

Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki_10/2019

Group Exhibition «Art the 5th Element»

Gallery tou Notou, Piraeus_10/2019


Group Project “Ou Topos” as a member of ARC (Art Revisited Collective)_11/2018

Group Exhibition “Constant Art 1”

Bensousan Han , Thessaloniki_3/2018

Painting Exhibition “Addition in Substrauction”

Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki _2/2018

Graduates of Arte di tre seminar FHE1

Café bar Urania, Thessaloniki _2/2015

Imagine the City, Byzantine museum of Thessaloniki _6/2011

Personal project “Sliding Yard»

Team project “Urban Infoscope”

Photography team Click Clickers

Café bar .ES, Thessaloniki _6/2011

Graduates Photography seminars by 5th Borough of Thessaloniki

5th Borough of Thessaloniki _6/2010



School of Architecture AUTH 

Graduate Architecture _ 2012

  • Senior thesis: Sliding Yard (bioclimatic urban design)
  • Project research: Principles of bioclimatic urban design

 Public ΙΕΚ Kalamarias _ Thessaloniki      

Graduate Decoration _ 2000

  • Senior thesis: interior Design of a Piano Bar

Public ΙΕΚ Epanomis _ Thessaloniki      

Graduate Designer through Computer Systems _ 2002

  • Senior thesis: 3D design of a home prototype



Photography FHE 2, Photography Home Edition expert

Proponent: Arte di Tre Studio_3-6/ 2015

Photography FHE1, Photography Home Edition beginners

Proponent: Arte di Tre Studio_10/2014-1/2015

Effectively Negotiations

Pro Seminars Executive Professional Studies, Proponent: Dimosthenis Papakonstantinou_11/2013

Social Media “Less Technology, More Human

Pro Seminars Executive Professional Studies, Proponent: Apostolos Fotitzidis_11/2012

Photography Studio Phos

Proponent: Maria Thamnidou_9/2010-6/2011

Photography for beginners

Photography seminars by 5th Borough of Thessaloniki

Proponent: Maria Thamnidou _2-6/2010

«Clean Tecknologies», bioclimatic architecture

Agent: Anelixi, Non Profit organization _1-2010 έως 6-2010


Awards – Distinctions

Distinction Best first project of a new Architect for the years 2012-2016

Project title:  “X-mas Machine” _Domes Awards 2017



Monument for the executed residents of  Vogatsiko from the Italian Army  1943

Position: Prosilio_ Vogatsiko, Kastoria, Greece _2018

X-mas Machine, during the annual exhibition “Asterocosmos”

Position: TIF-HELEXPO Thessaloniki_2015


Presentations in Scientific Conferences

3rd Pan-Hellenic Conference on Standardization and Quality_ 2010Presentation: “Implementation Capabilities of the Greek Protagoras System (ESRP) in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Rapporteurs: Angelos Zachariadis, Mavropaidi Christina

6th International Conference Standardization Protypes & Quality_“A Means of Balkan Countries’ Collaboration”  _ 2009 _Presentation: «Training Services as a means to transfer protypes, standards and rules – Tηe Greek quality system and its application in training ,  Rapporteurs: Mavropaidi Christina,  Ioannis Adam



 «Green roofs, vertical gardens» 

Goethe Institute Thessaloniki, Rapporteur: Gernot Minke_2012

“City Cracks” , Biennale of Architecture Thessaloniki

Project: Urban Infoscope, School of Architecture Auth_2001

XXL Architectural Design and Digital Technologies

Project: “Reflecting Bites”, Zefxidos str, Thessaloniki, School of Architecture Auth _2001




Exhibition Catalog  _  2018

 “Me liga roucha aimatomena”

Memorial album for the 14 executed residents of Voigatsiko from the Italian Army in 4/41943.

Editing editor: Nontas Tsigas. Edition: Municipality of Argos Orestiko _ 2017

 Domes – International Architecture Inspection

Best first project of a new Architect for the years 2012-2016_ Awards 2017

Imagine the City

Edition: Byzantine cultural museum, Thessaloniki _2014


XXL Architectural Design and Digital Technologies, “Reflecting Bites”



Member of SKETVE, Association of Fine Arts Artists of Northern Greece, since 2020