About Us

We are George and Christina. Partners in life and art. Inspiration for us is every single moment of our daily routine. Sunny, moody or rainy, each day is a source of visual quests and actions.

We desire to create pieces of art such as paintings, photographs and decorative items, using materials that for many do not have any use or value.

Old and useless objects, which through our artistic intervention,  revive their “glory”.

This project started as a hobby on our free time and evolved in an everyday urge of searching and creating. As we both are “children” of an artistic nature, a simple walk or even better an excursion, always compose an opportunity to discover items or materials that most of the time don’t catch our eyes. The energy and satisfaction of this action, fulfill us with joy and inspire us, by showing us the way. Besides, nature its self is an everlasting workshop, which provides you with the supplies you need, to recognize and reform.

The purpose of our page is to share our thoughts, ideas, techniques and vision. To exchange opinions and comments, being able to learn from each other. to “expose” our projects and  through them to discover you. As a reviewer, but above that as a friend. Because we consider that proceedings like these, improve our ability to develop as artist, but also as humans.

Four eyes and hands always function better than two. That’s us. The last couple of years this “collaboration” represents the ideal for us. It is always great to discus about a project and to be able to start working on it, together. To share the joy and satisfaction of making it come true. Especially when this is achieved with your companion.

So our dream is to create with love and passion unique items. That can talk. To all of us. Pieces that will go along with your character, your taste, or even more your desire. Which  they inspire you, the same way that they do to us. It would be truly unique, to share your experiences and artistic needs, in order for us to create for you the “perfect match”. Through your view. Besides, the passion for art is something you have to share at all times. And with that feeling we think and function as ADDmyview.

» Art Defined Differently «