Art exhibition “Addittion and Substraction”

With great pleasure, we announce our first exhibition called ‘Addittion and Substraction” at the Project Room of Myro Gallery (Nikiforou Foka 8, Thessaloniki).

The events opening will be on Thursday February the 1st 2018, at 8 pm and it will run on until the 24th.

You will have the chance to get to know our projects that were mainly created with the technique of ‘mixed media’ focusing on the observation of man and his position in an environment that is constantly fading away.

We believe that the biggest challenge nowadays, the peace of mind of our soul, does not exist.

This is our inspiration. To create together, to observe, to express ourselves and through this process to lay the foundation for a life of calm, full, but above all, stable in ethos and values.

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