It was last year, almost the same season, such as this, when in a short trip to the mountains of Xanthi, Ι witnessed the burning of an extraordinary landscape. Honestly, it’s very difficult to describe the emotions you’re up against, being able from a short distance , to observe and realize the magnitude of the disaster, knowing that it’s going to take decades in order for this majestic environment to reconstruct itself.

These past few days, our country is experiencing an enormous tragedy. Perhaps the greatest one in human casualties, from a fire Europe has ever seen. 

The fire incident that took place in the area of Kinetta in Southern Greece shocked us all and at the same time transformed us in to some kind of silent observers of a disaster that it will take years to overcome as a nation.

My mind and heart are with the people that lost their lives but also with those who are left behind, looking through the ashes for family, relatives and friends.

It is certain that it’s going to take time. No doubt about it. But as a nation we have proven that we have the strength and the ability to reborn through disasters such as this.

Let’s replace hope and expectations, with the will to take action, learning from every day lesson that any small or big story teaches us, in every state of our lives.

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