Zigon triangle side tables

Zigon triangle side tables

The zigon side tables that we discovered this week, truly became a creative challenge for us.
Everything started when we decided to have a cup of coffee downtown Thessaloniki. Crossing outside an old house, we found the two tables lying at the dumpster and with a blink of an eye, the whole coffee idea was shuttered. We picked them up, put them in our car and a storm of ideas took over, of how we are going to transform our salvage trophies.

The name Zigon (Gigognes)

Basically, this type of side tables, are known as zigon, by the French term Gigognes, which describes objects of different sizes, that the geometry of their structure, allows you to place one inside the other. The story says that the initial use of the term, comes from the famous Russian dolls Matryoshka, that we all have played with.

The transformation

After the tables were cleaned and sanded, in order to eliminate the old color and varnish, our second step was to check the stability of their legs and fill with stucco any damages or cracks that seemed to appear on their surface.

The paint

We decided the colors that we were going to use inspired of the 70s, a decade that our project, as a design, belongs to. The specific decade, is known for the intense as well as pastel color combinations and geometrical patterns. Our idea was to use pastel color shades, with a touch of black, which is timeless in almost any design tension. The next step, was to paint using water based oil color.
At this time, we want to pay a special tribute to this kind of oil paint, which is our favorite, being easy to use, easy to clean, very durable and comes in a huge variety of color samples for you to choose from and even mixed them up, to create your own favorite shade.

After a lot of thinking and testing, we came to the conclusion of the pattern that we wanted to achieve. And this procedure was probably the most creative one, about this project.

The conclusion

finally, for the top surface we decided to use glass, in order to clearly expose the design pattern, while moving along with the decade that the tables were made in. Our “Gigognes”, gave us motivation – through a small challenge – for a very creative weekend and a reason for a whole bunch of new ideas.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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