Mixed Media

Mixed Media

Mixed media is our favorite subject with George. The crash that we have on painting and our intense experimentation mood, made us embrace this technique.

Beyond the limitless potentials that provide us with, is has become a philosophy as well as part of our everyday thinking, of how to become more flexible and creative.

What is Mixed Media

In definition, is the technique in which more than one forms of art are being used. In a few words, it is the kind of the artistic procedure, that gives you the opportunity to combine various materials and to compose a very special and unique result.


The history of this mixed form of art, takes us back to Byzantine (330-1453) where it is known to use gold leaves combined with paint and other materials in order to achieve the desirable result. We can find almost similar art techniques being used in the Renaissance period, in which oil painting is developing, in many cases combined with gold leaves. However the term mixed media is being located in the beginning of 1912, a period in which various artists started redeterming their opinions, concerning the attitude towards art. The space of the art piece, expanded from the boundaries of the canvas, the use and mixture of different kind of materials started to become more acceptable and as a result, art itself started being produced from anything and through any combination of any technique or influence.


We can find a lot of great artists associate with mixed media. In 1912 Pablo Picasso created his first collage…”Still life with chair painting” using this art form(May 1912).

He was followed by Braque, Henri Matisse, Max Ernst, Edgar Degas, Marcel Duchamp, Paul Klee, Man Ray and many others, which during their artistic journey -and with the form of experiment- used this technique in many of their art pieces.

Mixed media and us

Mixed media pushed our starting button, to search for new materials of artwork and the combination amongst them. It provided us, with the freedom of expression needed to challenge our vision on breaking every boundary. As a result, out creative site develops and widens in such way that makes us happier than ever. We believe that the future of mixed media seems infinitive and can only be bounded by our imagination.

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